Discosaster brings live dance music back to the present. They combine soul and funk of the 80s with brand-new pop aesthetics to create their distinctive style – Disco music of the present! Behind front man Duke Gale stands a ten-member band of professional young musicians from Bern, Zurich, Lucerne and St. Gallen. The musical director is the keyboarder and composer Mischa Maurer. Their songs stem from their own pen and contain everything a live spectacle demands. Gripping vocals, virtuoso solos, powerful wind instruments and a groove that makes the ground tremble. Dancing is the order of the day! Discosaster has been on the road since the beginning of 2013 and now launched its first EP.

Duke Gale – vocal
Alessandra Murer – backing vocal
Chiara Schönfeld – backing vocal
Martial In-Albon – trumpet
Claudio von Arx – saxophone
Maro Widmer – trombone
Mischa Maurer – keys
Flu Iten – guitar
Claudio Berger – bass
Fabian Hänni – drums
Manuel Siebs – percussion


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