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„Manuel Siebs is undoubtedly one of the greatest hopes in the Swiss percussion scene! On the one hand he is a very virtuoso drummer and musician, on the other hand he has the best qualifications as a music teacher and workshop leader due to his open and engaging manner”
Stephan Rigert (musician, textbook author, examiner at the Lucerne University of Music)

Cultural offerings for schools

Drum power with the whole school, optionally with Afro choir and/or Afro dance
Experience Africa
Kanton Aargau, Kultur macht Schule
Rhythm that makes you move
Kanton Bern, Kultur und Schule – Kulturgutscheine
Daga Dugu Bum Bum – Drum workshops at the school
Schukulu.ch – Schule und Kultur im Kanton Luzern
Drum power with the whole school, optionally with Afro choir and/or Afro dance
Kulturkiste Schaffhausen
Drum power with the whole school, optionally with Afro choir and/or Afro dance



Current course offerings

Kanton St. Gallen – Amt für Volksschule
Djembe and Percussion in school lessons (Course No. 6026) Saturday 16 May 2020 in Wil SG
swch.ch – Schule und Weiterbildung Schweiz
Rhythm that makes you move (Course no. 703) Monday 6 – Wednesday 8 July 2020 in Zug
Uhuru Festival of Music and Dance
South American Rhythms, Saturday 25 July – Saturday 1 August 2020 on the Weissenstein SO
Djembe, Cajon, Conga etc. in individual and group lessons in Wil SG
(Course dates and times on request)



Feedback from course participants

“The course on djembe was absolutely brilliant and I can only recommend it. Your cheerful, encouraging and authentic manner makes it easy for everyone to play the djembe and get out of yourself. I was able to take a lot of ideas for my music lessons and I am happy to try them out with my students. It was certainly not the last course I attended with you! :o) Thank you very much!!!!!“
D. Hepfer, Teacher Primary School

“The super trash percussion course still sounds and hammers in my head. Your open and joyful manner inspired me just as much as your great didactic skills. Your bright smile is just heartwarming!”

“Thank you very much for your cool class. I liked it very much. You have systematically built up the course, put together interesting rhythms and skillfully varied them. I was fascinated by your expertise. Your enthusiasm struck me and encouraged me to drum with my students.”
I. Lüscher, Teacher Primary School

„The workshop “Fresh Trash Percussion” was really grooving. Cool arrangements, funny instruments, clear instructions and above all your enthusiasm and humour were a perfect mix!!”

“I chose this course because I wanted to do something for myself. I had a very nice day and also experienced the arrangements as easy to realize. Thank you for your benevolent teaching and patience with us newcomers. It’s amazing that you immediately gave us the feeling of being able to perform, even though we were still at the very beginning.The notation and the small videos concerning the individual parts are a great help for me – I have already rehearsed everything again and would like to stay tuned. Maybe there’s a follow up in the future.
B. Engler, School Curative Education Teacher

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