Sadio Cissokho

Since his birth, the Senegalese musician Sadio Cissokho has been surrounded by music, song and dance. His family has been playing the traditional West African Kora (African harp) for generations. Sadio Cissokho not only grew up to be an excellent kora player, singer and composer, but also developed into a virtuoso on the djembe drums and the balaphone (African xylophone).
With the experienced musician and producer Stephan Rigert (Talking-Drums), Sadio Cissokho has now found someone who allows this creative “flow” of talents and ideas to flow into rounded and versatile arrangements.
Furthermore the band is excellently staffed with the well-known exceptional talents Dave Feusi (sax/keyboard) Eduardo Dudu Penz (bass) and Manuel Siebs (percussion/vocals).
The band plays world music compositions, which take the listeners on a fascinating musical journey. From melancholic desert blues to virtuoso drum fire. From West African harmonies to South American inspired grooves and jazzy sounds, the Sadio Cissokho Band presents a colourful cocktail of music that is guaranteed to carry the audience away.

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