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Manuel Siebs is a specialized musician & percussionist on: Djembe, Conga, Cajon, Bongo, Smallpercussion and much more.
Since his earliest childhood, his life has been revolving around rhythms and percussion instruments. From the age of 12 he regularly has been attending lessons and workshops with various renowned percussionists (Adama Drame, Louis Cesar Ewande, Stephan Rigert, Willy Kotoun, Eliel Lazo and many more). He also gained his first stage and studio expertise as a teenager.
At the age of 19, Manu Siebs moved to Bern to get in touch with the local music scene. A close exchange with different musicians from Senegal (Mory Samb, Ibou Ndiaye, Abou Konté, Caro Diallo, Saf Sap etc.) developed quickly. Over several years, a deep friendship has been established between them. Every day they played live and in the studio. Four times Manuel Siebs visited Senegal to play with different families of musicians at weddings, christenings and other festivals. During this time, Manuel Siebs lived together with Mory Samb (Griot musician from Senegal) in a single room apartment in a very confined space. Together they focused exclusively on music. This is how her joint project “Mory Samb et Djam rek” was created (see Projects).
After four years of intensive drumming in Bern and Senegal, Manuel Siebs started studying at the Lucerne University of Music (Institute of Jazz) in 2010 where he successfully completed his Master of Arts in Music Pedagogy (percussion) in June 2015.
In the meantime his know-how ranges from traditional West African music to pop, jazz, funk, hip hop, latin (salsa, merengue, bachata), afrobeat, gypsy, electro etc.
He plays concerts in various projects all over Europe and West Africa.
Manuel Siebs also conducts/conducted courses and workshops at/for:
Lucerne University of Music, Zurich University of the Arts,
Zurich Conservatory Music School, University of Teacher Education Zug,, Canton St. Gallen – Departement of Elementary Education,
Uhuru Festival for Music and Dance etc.

Live performances and/or studio productions with:

The Faranas
Bubble Beatz
Theater St. Gallen (Desert Flower Musical)
ETH Big Band
Zurich Chamber Orchestra
Stephan Rigert’s Talking Drums
Gabriela Mendes (Cape Verde)
Mory Samb et Djam rek
Eduardo “Dudu” Penz (Brazil)
Kara Sylla Ka (Senegal)
Lamine Kora Kouyaté (Senegal)
Ibou Ndiaye (Senegal)
Fatoumata Dembele (Burkina Faso)
Baba Salah (Oumou Sangaré) (Mali)
Saf Sap (Senegal)
Monette Marino (USA)
La Differente
Michel Valdes Martinez (Cuba)
Roberto “Roby“ Pulido (Cuba)
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