Mory Samb et Djam rek

Since his earliest childhood Mory Samb has been soaked in music, song and dance. He grew up in Senegal in a traditional family of griots. His voice, the drums and the Ngoni – a multi-stringed African lute – are the means by which he tells stories. His stage presence is a joyful, lively and intelligent energy that he shares with his audience from the bottom of his heart. The musicians of his band have earned their spurs with Stop The Shoppers, Steff La Cheffe or Züri West. Together they develop an energy that makes sparks fly – laughing faces and dancing feet are inevitable at Mory Samb’s concerts.

Mory Samb – vocal, ngoni, dumdum
Manu Siebs – percussion, voc
Sam Baur – drums, voc
Jürg Schmidhauser – bass
Tobi Diggelmann – keys
Luki Wyss – trombone
Claudio von Arx – sax

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